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every day should start with bubble tea and end with rolled ice cream!


as the only rolled ice cream and bubble tea cafe in rock hill, we want to be the best we can be for our customers and create the yummiest treats to fully satisfy your cravings!

we stumbled across rolled ice cream and bubble tea and fell in love with the amazing texture and flavors. we came to realize that there was no rolled ice cream or bubble tea stores anywhere in rock hill. with this on our minds, we began our process of learning how to make the amazing sweets!


we spent several months perfecting the technique and creating many fun flavors. after a long period of preparation, I.c.juicy was born in rock hill! and now we are here to bring you the most authentic and delicious rolled ice cream and bubble tea around!

we just love rolled ice cream


bubble tea!

handcrafted rolled

ice cream


bubble tea